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Thank you for your interests in the Fresno Judo Club. Listed below are some of the FAQs that we have encountered:


How will Judo benefit my kids/me?

At our dojo, we emphasize on teaching our students self-discipline, responsibility, good character and self-esteem through the practice of Judo. This will hopefully prepare students mentally and physically for situations outside the dojo.


Who can learn Judo?

Men, women, and children ages 6 and up can participate in Judo. Judo is a full contact sport, which requires somewhat, a reasonably physical person to participate. Please ask your physician prior to starting.


What classes does the dojo offer?

Fresno Judo Club offers classes weekly. See our class Schedule for days and times.

What will I be learning/practicing?

All new Judo students (judoka) are required to learn proper Judo etiquette, fundamentals of how to  falls correctly without injury before learning throwing techniques.

After learning the basic Judo safety students will learn basic throwing and grappling techniques such as pins and chokes.

On the last Thursday of every month our adult class (Tues and Thurs at 6:00 PM) trains in self defense techniques.

Can I watch practice before joining?

Yes, we advise for future students to observed practice to see if Judo is the sport they want to be committed to. Visitors are always welcome.


What do I need before starting Judo?

Due to the fact that Judo is a full contact sport, parent/students must sign a liability waiver. We also require every to be a member of the United States Judo Federation to join Fresno Judo Club. Equipment such as Judo Uniform (Judo Gi) and belt (obi) is required for Judo. When just starting wear comfortable clothing like sweat pants or shorts and a T shirt. No hard objects are allowed like buttons, zippers or hair pins.


How may I contact you?

Our contact information is listed above on the tab “Contact Information”, or you can reach Sensei Larry Tsutsui at (559) 284 – 5481.


How do I sign up?

Please stop by anytime during practice hours as listed on the calendar to discuss what is best for you when signing up.


What is the cost?


Fresno Judo Club

-$30.00 per month paid with recurring monthly credit card or paying 3 months at a time $90.

-$35.00 per month paying month to month,

-Family membership (immediate family members living in same home - parents and children) $100 per month.

United States Judo Federation

$70 Annual Individual Membership to the United States Judo Federation.

Plus uniform

Membership in USJF is required as it provides our insurance.

The USJF is our National organization that give us our promotion (rank) authority.